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Lighting is essential in every aspect of living and so this of course is important in our place of dwelling. Proper home lighting can contributes to the improvement in the aesthetic quality of someone’s home. Not only can it adds to the functionality but also it can also bring out an aesthetic and sensual enjoyment for those under the roof. Needless to mention that proper lighting is also a major factor in establishing a comfortable ambiance in any home.In choosing and shopping for the lighting equipments and fixtures for your house, an important note to remember is the visuals of a light furniture can easily be the source of attraction and beauty of a room. The design and purpose for which the lighting will serve should not be compromised. In planning for lighting, the home owner should consider the activities each of the room of the house is used for and the room’s size before choose the appropriate one. Keep in mind and understand that improper lighting can affect our health as well. The mind is kept fresh, agile and strong when there is enough light in a room, while dimmer and dark interiors can induce negativity to our overall thinking and creativity. Depending on your purpose, some may choose to opt for a dimmer lighting for create a mysterious feel in the room.There are three basic types of lighting found in a house: ambient, task and accent lighting.Ambient Lighting is commonly referred to as general lighting that makes a comfortable and visual environment, it enables one to move about easily and safely and defines the space. A basic floor lamp can be used in homes but there are some fixtures in the market that can as well be used to achieve this:
Torchiere lamps are fixtures to direct the light in the upward direction and generates soft and diffused light.
Wall Sconces are wall mounted light fixtures that provide a subtle background.
Spotlights are prevalently utilized for a beautiful looking walls and ceilings.
Can lights are installed in the small opening of ceilings that projects light downward. They also conserve space as they do not take too much space and are used in narrow spaced rooms such as bathrooms and spaces near the staircases.
Task Lighting functions by providing mostly concentrated light in the workspace, for reading, cooking or eating. It is required for this lighting to be glare-free and focused on specific area. Some light fixtures that achieve the purposes of Task Lighting are:

Table lamps are common fixtures for lighting that focus light directly where it is needed.

Wall Sconces, though can be used to provide general illumination, may as well be placed on either side of a mirror for shaving or combing inside a bathroom or bedroom.

Ceiling pendants or chandeliers may be installed in dining areas for eating purposes.
Accent Lighting makes something special visible, drawing in the eye and provides dramatic interest. It directs our focused to the lit area, these lights can appear to be three times as bright as ambient lights. Often used to highlight selected areas and items such as artworks, paintings or sculptural pieces.

Spotlights is a common lighting fixture for accent lighting.
Chandeliers may also be used in providing light that emphasizes particular objects on a room.
A general rule in simplifying lighting design in a home is that’s a minimum of two light layers should be present in every room. Every room should contain an ambient light source and either accent or task lighting.

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Modern House Plans

Modern house plans offer a great alternative to the more traditional styles. Even if you don’t want to go all the way with an ultra-modern house plan, there are many modern-inspired house plans that are not too extreme in their appearance.

Modern house plans include a range of styles, ranging from the stereotypical “concrete, steel, and glass” look to subtle or exaggerated variations of historically older house plan styles.

Historians of architecture and house plan sellers often use somewhat different definitions of styles, especially in the more fragmented modern house plans category. One synonym that’s often used for modern house plans is “contemporary house plans.” While technically a subcategory of modern house plans, contemporary house plans seem to describe best what most people would intuitively describe as “modern”.

Technically, the following styles are all modern styles:

French Eclectic
Art Deco/Art Moderne
Finding modern house plans can be a bit challenging because of the loose definition of the term, but after a few initial searches you should get a feel for which sites have better offerings than others. Keep in mind that a site with the largest number of plans is not necessarily the best resource.

There are specialist designers focusing on modern plans, who may offer you more interesting and individual designs and smarter service. It just requires a bit more digging to reach the smaller studios. That said, looking through a large site’s collection of house plans can be a quick and efficient way to refine your ideas for what you seek in a modern plan.

Personally, I’m a big fan of modern house plans, because they tend to have larger windows and open floor plans, which provide a flexible and spacious living experience. Even if your house doesn’t look like a “modern” house from the outside, the interior layout of modern house plans makes it worthwhile to take a look at them.

Find more information on modern house plans [http://free-house-plans.or

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